After a nearly 20-year career in disaster management with the American Red Cross I believed it was time to create and launch a site that would bring you the latest disaster news, opinions , pictures, and videos that I felt were relevant and important. I wanted this site to be more accessible and interactive than the many static and uninviting government-based sites. It will be a non-biased forum for people to report what is really going on at the scene. I want the raw truth – not some CNN or FOX spin on what’s really happening to grab and spike ratings!

Disasterhunter.com will enlist the talents and skills of disaster experts while also featuring stunning footage and incredible stories of survival from average people are on the ground as these events are actually unfolding. IN addition, we will follow the recovery of the people and communities who are soon forgotten after a disaster has devastated their city or town. This site will also be an extremely important part of our television series, which is currently in development. Our team of disasterhunter.com bloggers will supply invaluable insight, observations and videos that will assist us in putting together future show episodes. You can view a short promo on the show by clicking onto the “Destined for Disaster” link on this site.

I am also working on a true-life memoir that chronicles my unlikely personal and professional odyssey that began literally from the rubble of Hurricane Andrew in Homestead, Florida and led to a twelve-year career with American Red Cross. A career that sent me to some of the biggest disasters in American history, including Ground Zero, New York City after the 9-11 terrorist attacks. It is my personal search for family and purpose against the historical backdrop of hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and terrorists attacks. I anticipate releasing it next year and already have garnered interest and praise from a number of publishers who have read some of the completed chapters. It is definitely a riveting and very personal story. You can read an early chapter from the book by clicking onto the box on each page that promotes the book.

My goal and greatest hope is for the site, television series and book to educate and inspire. I want to create a living and breathing community that will inform and empower the public when they need it most. To do this I will need your help – stay tuned- the journey begins now – !

- The Disaster Hunter

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