Latest Disaster Videos

The Disaster Hunter is currently reaching out to people all over the world who have been on the scene when a disaster has struck their city or town and actually had the chance to catch it on video! Over the new few months we will begin to feature these videos and them out to all our many contacts in the media to  video gets maximum exposure and that your incredible story is heard.

So please, if you have heard about our site and have caught something on video send me an email at and lets get your story out now! Remember, I don’t just want footage of the large incidents, I also want videos covering small ones in towns no one has even heard of!

So let’s make it happen and let the world know your unique story!

Here are some of the latest -

 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Weekly update from Japan news

Dust Storm Cloud in Phoenix, AZ – July 23, 2011

Oil Snaking down Yellowstone River in Montana July 10, 2011  

Video of Japan Tsunami hitting Sendai Airport